Minimusic Information for Parents

Music Theory for Young Children

The Minimusic Course is a nine month program that is designed to give your child a head start in their music education.

Music Lesson Preparation

As a parent, we want the best for each of our children. If you are interested in having your child learn to play an instrument or take voice lessons while they are still young, enroll them in Minimusic first !

A Solid Understanding

After completing the Minimusic Course, your child will have an understanding of basic music theory. Their first lesson with their music teacher is guaranteed to go smoothly. They will understand all the music symbols, etc and can then focus on their fingers and technique.

Beneficial and FUN!

Music instructors love Minimusic graduates because they come so well prepared right from the beginning !

Parents wake up in the mornings to hear their child ask “Is today music day ?!” They get so excited to join with the other children and learn about music!

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