Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to certify with Minimusic before I can teach the course?

No. There is no certification, registration, or royalty fees connected to Minimusic. Simply purchase the program, collect your students, and begin teaching.

I don't have a degree in music. Can I still teach this course?

Yes! If you have had music lessons and understand basic music theory concepts, you can teach this course. It helps to be familiar with children of this age group and know how to work with them.

What is the best class size?

You can adapt Minimusic to any class size. If you are teaching from your home or a studio space, ideally 5-6 children works well. If you have a larger class size, I would suggest getting a mother or an older student to help out.

Do I need a piano to teach Minimusic?

No, it is not necessary. Minimusic is a pre-reading music theory course, so any concepts involving a piano is done around the Kreative Cloth Keyboard (included in the Teacher’s Kit) allowing the children hands on fun!

Is it necessary for each student to have their own student workbook?

Yes. The Student Workbook is used during each class time and is necessary for the success of the students.

How long does the Minimusic Course last?

There are 32 lessons included in the Teacher’s Manual. Each lesson is one hour in length. If taught once a week, the course lasts 9 months (holidays excluded). You can always double up and do two lessons a week. By doing this, you can skip a few of the Review Lessons and complete the course in 4 months.

What is the ideal age for a child to take the Minimusic Course?

Minimusic was developed for ages 5-7. Four year olds have completed the course just fine, however they are still very young for praticing an instrument after the course is completed. Many teachers like to take 7-8 year olds through the course before teaching regular lessons. The 7-8 year olds move quickly and the Minimusic class time is shortened. Regardless of the age, the student begins their regular music lessons with a headstart!

How long does each Minimusic class take to teach?

The lesson outlines were designed to be completed in an hour. If you finish early, simply move to the next lesson. If you need more time to complete a class, finish it the following week and then move right into the next lesson. Each lesson flows very cleanly into the next, giving you the advantage of pacing your class to the group of childen you are teaching.

What is the parent involvement?

Parents can be involved as much or as little as you would like. Some children may need a parent close by, but it is not necessary. Other children connect with you, as their teacher, and focus better without the parent present. Use your best judgement here.

Does the student need an instrument to practice at home?

No. Minimusic is a pre-reading theory course. All the assignments are done in class.

Is it necessary to teach Minimusic in a group setting?

It is best if taught in a group setting, as the theory concepts are taught through games and activities that are interactive and fun to play with other students. However, many of the games and activities can also be used one-on-one with your private students, or in a group or master class.

After a child has completed the Minimusic Course, then what?

Minimusic graduates are well prepared to begin the instrument of their choice. Minimusic is geared towards piano, but is easily adaptable for any instrument. They begin on a primer level and move very smoothly and quickly.